Promote Cardiovascular Health

Health Care

  • We work with safety net providers to promote a team-based care approach to chronic disease prevention and management.
  • We provide tools and resources to health care providers as well as dentists on proper blood pressure measuring techniques.
  • We work with electronic health record vendors to increase safety net provider use of health information technology.
  • We encourage health care providers to use electronic health records to identify and address health disparities.


  • We provide tools and resources to persons with hypertension to encourage self-measured blood pressure with clinical support.
  • We promote education materials that empower people at risk of or who have heart disease to work with their health care team to set and reach hypertension goals.
  • We provide resources for community groups to offer hypertension management programs to persons with newly diagnosed or uncontrolled hypertension.
  • We support community pharmacists in their efforts of medication adherence, medication reconciliation and referral to chronic disease prevention and management programs.


  • We provide tools and resources to worksites that chose to implement a blood pressure monitoring station and policy to assist employees with hypertension management.

We provide leadership and guidance in supporting the Justus-Warren Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force. The Task Force and its Stroke Advisory Council carry out legislatively mandated functions in planning and coordinating activities to address policy, environmental and systems-level change supportive of cardiovascular health and disease prevention. For more information contact Anna Bess Brown at Visit for more information about heart disease, stroke prevention or the Task Force.