Prevent and Manage Diabetes

We work with partners in the following settings:

Health Care

  • We work with health care systems to increase the adoption and use of clinical systems and care practices to improve health outcomes for people with prediabetes and diabetes.
  • We encourage appropriate screening for diabetes and referral to diabetes prevention programs and diabetes self-management education and support services.
  • We encourage the reporting and monitoring of national quality measures for diabetes
  • We promote National Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP) to North Carolina health care providers and adults at high risk for Type 2 Diabetes by supporting the website¬†
  • We promote Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support services by supporting the website
  • We assist health care systems in referring patients to the DPP Navigator Referral Service and increase awareness of DPP by promoting CDC-recognized organizations in North Carolina.


  • We increase DPP enrollment through Eat Smart, Move More Prevent Diabetes and all other CDC-recognized organizations in North Carolina and provide Advanced Lifestyle Coach Training and technical assistance for DPP staff continuing education.
  • We work with local health departments, pharmacies and other organizations to provide ADA-recognized Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support services throughout North Carolina via our DiabetesSmart umbrella program


  • We encourage worksites to offer coverage of the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Advisory Groups

We support the efforts of the North Carolina Diabetes Advisory Council (DAC) in the implementation of North Carolina's Guide to Diabetes Prevention and Management 2020. The purpose of the DAC is to develop, recommend and advocate for sound policies, priorities and strategies for the prevention, detection, and management of diabetes and to advocate for and assist public and private agencies and organizations to become more effectively engaged in efforts to reduce the burden of diabetes in North Carolina. For more information contact

Visit for more information about diabetes in North Carolina.