Our Staff

Administrative Team

Heather Bradley

Administrative Supervisor

Phone: 919-707-5224

Email: heather.a.bradley@dhhs.nc.gov

Erick Holguin

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 919-707-5370

Email: Erick.holguin@dhhs.nc.gov

Anne Lee

Administrative Officer

Phone: 919-707-5234

Email: anne.lee@dhhs.nc.gov

Tara White, BS

Administrative Specialist

Phone: 919-707-5236

Email: tara.white@dhhs.nc.gov

Diabetes and Heart Disease Team

Meg Sargent, BS

Diabetes Prevention Program Coordinator

Phone: 919-707-5240

Email: meg.sargent@dhhs.nc.gov

William Pertet, MHS, RDN, LDN

Community and Clinical Coordinator

Phone: 919-707-5235

Email: William.Pertet@dhhs.nc.gov

Corissa Payton, MA, CHES, ACSM-EP

Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Quality Coordinator

Phone: 919-707-5436

Email: corissa.payton@dhhs.nc.gov

Claudia Giraldo

Diabetes Program Assistant

Phone: 919-707-5233

Email: claudia.giraldo@dhhs.nc.gov

Dominique Ashley

Diabetes Program Assistant

Phone: 919-707-5241

Email: dominique.ashley@dhhs.nc.gov

Physical Activity and Nutrition Team

Courtney Ramsey-Coleman MS, RDN, LDN

Health Eating and Nutrition Security Coordinator

Phone: 919-707-5220

Email: courtney.ramsey@dhhs.nc.gov

Hannah McDiarmid

NACDD Public Health AmeriCorps Member

Email: hmcdiarmid.pha@gmail.com

Kelly Kavanaugh, MPH, CHES

Built Environment and Physical Activity Coordinator

Phone: 919-707-5223

Email: Kelly.Kavanaugh@dhhs.nc.gov

Evaluation Team

Justus-Warren Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force

Anna Bess Brown, MPH

Executive Director Justus-Warren Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force

Phone: 919-707-5361

Email: anna.brown@dhhs.nc.gov

Terri L. Moore, MEd

Program Coordinator, Coverdell Acute Stroke Program

Phone: 919-707-5221

Email: terri.moore@dhhs.nc.gov

Healthy Communities Program Team

Karen Stanley, RDN, LDN

Healthy Communities Program Manager

Phone: 919-604-3616

Email: Karen.Klein.Stanley@dhhs.nc.gov

Ryan Ward, MA

Program Consultant/Evaluator

Phone: 252-333-8913

Email: Ryan.Ward@dhhs.nc.gov